Car loan: flying, autonomous, what will the car of the future look like?

Nothing stops progress, except our imagination. From the realm of the imagination only a decade ago, science promises us amazing new ways to move in the years to come. Flying cars in the skies of our cities, driverless vehicles, driven by artificial intelligence, electric cars without CO2 emissions: the future is already on our doorstep!

Flying cars: from fantasy to reality!

Flying cars: from fantasy to reality!

The idea of ​​the flying car is not new: it is an integral part of many cultural works of science fiction of the second half of the 20th century.

Who wouldn’t dream of being able to avoid traffic jams by taking to the skies? Good news: this fantasy could soon be part of our daily life! At the Paris Air Show, several prototypes of flying vehicles – most of them autonomous – were presented, with a marketing date announced for the early 2020s. A daydream? Perhaps, but not at any price: the launch prices happily exceed one million dollars to date.

Autonomous cars: soon on our roads

Autonomous cars: soon on our roads

Closer to us from a chronological point of view, the autonomous car could soon be very concretely part of our daily life. The technical principle is simple: artificial intelligence takes the place of the driver and drives the vehicle alone from point A to point B, with the ability to coexist with human users.

Innovative companies like Google and Tesla, quickly imitated by conventional car manufacturers, have been carrying out full-scale tests for several months. In France, these tests began and will enter their final phase.

Today’s vehicles are already innovative


Pending the advent of these revolutionary technologies, today’s cars are already distinguished by major developments. Vehicles on the market often benefit from driving assistance, which makes it possible, for example, to park alone, or to react to a danger badly anticipated by the driver.

The ecological issue of the 21st century has above all enabled the emergence of 100% electric or hybrid vehicles (using both petrol and electricity). This progress is supported by the French State thanks to an ecological bonus which can, for example, reach $ 1,000 for a hybrid vehicle. What makes you want to take the plunge with a car loan revised down!

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